Use the form below to be added to the 12th Step List.

12 Step Calls: When suffering alcoholics call the AA hotline asking for help, the Intergroup Office reaches out to A.A. members on our 12th Step List who are willing to share their experience, strength, and hope with newcomers in their zip code or immediate area. Having a phone contact helps newcomers know they are not alone.

Bridging the Gap: When alcoholics are released from treatment facilities or institutions, they need a Temporary Contact as a link between treatment and recovery. A Temporary Contact will help newcomers make the transition into A.A. where they are introduced to the A.A. program, can meet other A.A. members in their area, and can form a network to help them stay sober.

Are you willing to make a 12th Step phone call and extend the hand of AA to a newcomer? Are you willing to ‘bridge the gap’ as a temporary contact for someone just coming out of treatment? Click here for answers to some frequently asked questions.

Use the form below to be added to the Phone Buddies List.

Phone Buddies are volunteers willing to talk on the phone with other AA members who’ve had difficulty connecting at online meetings or who need a little extra support during these difficult times. When the office receives a Phone Buddy request, we ask you to call that AA member within the hour. Please be sure to include your availability on the form. You might be put in touch with a newcomer, an old-timer, or someone in between. We’re all in this together. Questions? Call 410-663-1922.

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