Holiday Alcathons, Parties, Potlucks, etc.

If your meeting, district, or clubhouse is holding an Alcathon, Party, or Potluck, please let us know so we can indicate that here!

  • New Year’s Eve Alcathon sponsored by New Beginnings of Hope – Christus Victor Lutheran Church 9833 Harford Rd, Parkville, 21234. One-hour hybrid meetings starting at 5, 7, & 9pm. 45-minute meeting at 11pm followed by the countdown to Midnight!! Zoom Meeting ID: 927 962 5478 PW: 2023 Food and beverages provided by the group. Side dishes and desserts are welcomed to be shared!

  • District 19 will have its annual New Year’s Eve Alcathon at St. David’s Church in Roland Park – 4700 Roland Avenue. The first meeting starts at 4 pm and the last meeting starts at 12 pm, midnight. There will be fifteen minute breaks for fellowship in between each. Potluck, bring a dish or a treat!

Holiday Closures

If your group is not meeting during any or all of the upcoming holidays, please let us know so we can indicate that here!

  • Emory 24-Hour will not be held on December 31st. They will resume meeting on January 7th, 2023. (O)(D)(H)(Upperco, 21155)

Still Meeting through
the Holidays

If your meeting falls on one of the upcoming holidays and it plans to meet, please let us know that you’re still meeting so we can indicate that here!

  • Strangely Insane will continue to meet as usual through all the upcoming holidays. (O)(D)(Lit.)(Hybrid)(Parkville, 21234)

  • How It Works will be meeting as usual on December 31st at noon. (O)(D)(Catonsville, 21228)

  • Nu Women will meet as usual on January 1st. (C)(D)(Lit)(Towson, 21204)