Any member is welcome to attend the Intergroup meeting on the second Monday of each month on Zoom (Meeting ID: 823 0552 8441; Passcode: 414036). The waiting room opens at 7:45 pm, and the meeting starts at 8 pm. If your group is interested in joining Intergroup, send a member to the meeting and we’ll gladly give you all the information you need to get started.

Baltimore Intergroup Council of Alcoholics Anonymous

More commonly known as Baltimore Intergroup, the Intergroup Council exists to serve and unify the activities of A.A. groups in the Baltimore Metropolitan area and to uphold the Twelve Traditions of A.A. The Council consists of one representative from each group in the Baltimore area that desires to participate. We work together to create active committees that further our 12th step work and carry the message of A.A. in ways that individual members and groups cannot do alone.

The Intergroup Office

The Intergroup Office is an extension of the Intergroup Council and employs one full-time Administrator and several part-time assistants, (all A.A. members) who coordinate necessary services for A.A. members and groups.

While A.A. volunteers handle the important 12th step work of answering calls from alcoholics needing help, the Intergroup office special workers do all the behind-the-scenes administrative tasks that require consistency and continuity to keep the office running smoothly. It takes dedicated effort to:

  • Schedule the 24-hour hotline with volunteers to answer the phone and send newcomers to the groups;
  • Maintain a searchable, up-to-date website;
  • Maintain the website and directory with current information;
  • Stock the book store and fill literature orders;
  • Answer emails and maintain correspondence with groups;
  • Publish the monthly bulletin with meeting information, changes, alcathons, and other important announcements;
  • Update the anniversary list and database;
  • Compile the 12-Step list of volunteers;
  • Support the Institution committees in their work to bring A.A. meetings to jails, hospitals and other facilities;
  • Engage the professional community with information and speakers and provide literature at local conventions and conferences on request;
  • Host fellowship opportunities at annual events;
  • Host workshops on the Steps, Traditions, Concepts and Sponsorship;
  • Act as a resource for individuals and groups who want to start new meetings, have questions, or need additional information;
  • Keep a list of available meting spaces in case groups need to change locations;
  • Announce emergency closings on the website;
  • Cooperate with Maryland General Service and G.S.O.;
  • Interact with professionals and the public, among many other things.

The Intergroup Office is a resource to help all of us maintain our sobriety, and supports individuals and groups in fulfilling our common purpose to carry the message.

Intergroup Mailing List

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New Intergroup Rep Packet 

The seventh Tradition states, “Every AA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” For support, our Intergroup relies on the contributions of its groups and members, and on planned activities so the real work of carrying the message can continue. Groups contribute monthly to Intergroup, while members may make tax deductible donations up to a thousand dollars, yearly, through the Birthday Plan, In Memoriam, and individual contributions. A contribution list is published monthly as part of the bulletin and detailed financial reports are presented monthly at the Intergroup meeting. Support of your group demonstrates gratitude for sobriety and a willingness to share with the alcoholic who still suffers.

“To people familiar with endless drives for charitable funds, AA presented a strange and refreshing spectacle. Approving editorials here and abroad generated a wave of confidence in the integrity of Alcoholics Anonymous. They pointed out that the irresponsible had become responsible, and that by making financial independence part of its tradition, Alcoholics Anonymous had revived an ideal that its era had almost forgotten.” (P. 165 Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions)

See Contact Us for office location, phone number and email address.