The Intergroup Council exists to serve and unify the services and activities of A.A. groups in the Baltimore Metropolitan area and to uphold the Twelve Traditions of A.A. The Council consists of one representative from each of the more than 500 groups in the Baltimore area. Through representatives working together, the Intergroup Council is able to accomplish tasks individual groups could not do alone.

INTERGROUP MEETING- 2ND Monday of each month @ 8:00 pm

INSTITUTION COMMITTEE- 3RD Friday of each month @ 7:00 pm

The list of pamphlets below provide useful information about Baltimore Intergroup, G.S.O., the service structure, and group information.

 | The Intergroup Representative |

| Baltimore Intergroup Council of AA |

| Information on Alcoholics Anonymous |

| Inside A.A. (P-18) |

| A Brief Guide to A.A. (P-42) |

| The A.A. Group: Where it All Begins (P-16) |

| Circles of Love and Service (P-45) |

| G.S.R.: General Service Representative (P-19) |

| Your D.C.M.: District Committee Member (F-12) |

| Your A.A. General Service Office (F-6) |

| Checklist of Secretarial Duties |

| The A.A. Group Treasurer (F-96) |

| Group Financial Contributions |

| Anniversary/Birthday Plan |

| What is the Birthday Plan? |

| Become a Faithful Fiver |

| A.A. Traditions Checklist |

| A.A. Concepts Checklist |