6:00am – Columbia Dawn Patrol (O)(D)

6:00am – Wake Up East (O)(D)(Severna Park, 21146)

6:00am – Wake Up West (O)(D)

6:45am – Crossroads of Recovery (O)(D)(Laurel, 20707)

7:00am – Agape (D)(Towson, 21204)

7:00am – Captain’s Table (O)(Spk)

8:00am – Hopkins(O)(D)

8:30am – Do No Harm-Closed meeting for people in the helping fields

8:30am – Over The Rainbow (O)(D)(Essex, 21221)

9:00am – Ag Center (O)(D)

9:00am – Agape (O)(D)(Towson, 21204)

9:30am – Chance To Grow (O)(D)(Baltimore, 21206)

10:00am – Sunday Morning Big Book (O)(D)(BB)

10:30am – In God’s Care (O)(D)(Step)

10:30am – Sunday Morning Agape (Glen Burnie) (O)(D)

11:00am – Evergreen (O)(D)(Spk)

11:00am – Wyman Park Group (O)(D)(Topic)(Remington, 21211)

11:30am – Sunday Breakfast at 857 Club (O)(D)(Canton/Highlandtown, 21224)

12:00pm – Agape/Main Room

12:00pm – Agape/Small Room (O)(D)(Towson, 21204)

12:00pm – Crossroads of Recovery (O)(D)(Laurel, 20707)

12:00pm-2:00pm – Grupo Un Nuevo Despertar (Sp)(O)(D)(Beg)(Fells Point, 21231)

12:00pm – Make Your Sobriety Sparkle (Women’s)

12:00pm – Phelps Luck (O)(D)

12:00pm – S.O.S. Liberty Road (Spk.)(D)

12:30pm – Over The Rainbow(O)(D)(Essex, 21221)

1:00pm – Brooklyn Sunday (O)(D)

3:00pm – Language Of The Heart (O)(D)

3:00pm – Spiritually Sober (O)(D)

3:00pm – Sunday Big Book

4:00pm-6:00pm – Grupo Tres Legados (Sp)(O)(D)(H)(Canton/Highlandtown, 21224)

4:30pm – The Elevator is Broken, Use the Steps (O)(D)(Step)

5:00pm – Break The Chain (O)(Spk)(Step)

5:00pm – Hopkins (O)(D)(Daily Reflections)

5:30pm – Agape Main Room (O)(D)(Towson, 21204)

5:30pm – Agape/Small Room (Towson, 21204)

6:00pm – Meditation on the Hill (O)(D)(BB)(Baltimore, 21217)

6:15pm – Positively Sober (O)(D)(LGBTQ)

6:30pm – Getting Honest (O)(D)(Spk)(Overlea, 21206)

  • In-person, Indoors: Follow this link for the location. Note: Mask required; Seating 6ft part; Max # of people – 25; Scout Room Annex building of the church on the side by the garages. Use the same parking lot as before.

6:30pm – Elkridge Sunday (O)(D)

6:30pm – Keep It Simple (O)(D)(11th Step)

6:30pm – Phelps Luck (O)(D)

 6:30pm – Putty Hill (O)(D)

7:00pm-9:00pm – Grupo La Ultima Copa (Sp)(O)(D)(Halethorpe, 21227)

7:00pm-9:00pm – Grupo Un Nuevo Despertar (Sp)(O)(D)(Fells Point, 21231)

7:00pm – ABC (O)(D)(Beg.)(Step)

7:00pm – Agape (Grapevine Meeting)(Towson, 21204)

7:00pm – Conscious Contacts (O)(D)(Lit)

  • Virtual: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89877273499  Meeting ID: 898 7727 3499  Phone: 1-301-715-8592  For password: Go to Meeting Access or call 410-663-1922.  Group Email: ConsciousContactsODAAT@gmail.com Extra information: As Bill Sees It/Candlelight/Meditation/Discussion

7:00pm – Cowenton (O)(Spk.)(White Marsh, 21162)

  • Virtual, Hybrid: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/354250444  Meeting ID: 354 250 444   Phone: 1-301-715-8592. For password: Go to Meeting Access or call 410-663-1922.
  • In-person, Indoors: Follow this link for the location. Note: Masks required; Seating 6ft apart; Max # of people – 25; Contact tracing list; Non-contact temperature taken available; Also will be asked Covid 19 questions, cough, fever association with anyone diagnosed with Covid 19. Zoom meeting below will still take place separately.

7:00pm – Just The Ink (O)(D)(Glen Arm, 21057)

7:00pm – Peaceful Serenity (O)(D)

7:00pm – Twenty Four Hours (O)(D)

7:30pm – Riverside Park (O)(D)(BB)(Baltimore, 21230)

  • In-person, Indoors: Follow this link for the location. Note: Mask required; Seating 6ft apart; a maximum of 10 people allowed in the facility.  Parking behind Thomas Johnson Elementary School, enter parking lot on Light Street side. Enter church on corner of Battery and Randall, large brown door.

7:30pm – Texas (O)(D)(Lit.)(Cockeysville, 21030)

  • In-person, Outdoors/Indoors: Follow this link for the location. Note: Bring your own chair, beverages etc. In the event of inclement weather, the secretary may hold meetings indoors; Max # of people – 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors; Masks required; Seating 6ft apart. Maintain social distancing, and follow all state & county regulations. floors marked for social distancing; Contact tracing log.

8:00pm – Old Lutherville (O)(D)

8:00pm – Queer Ideas of Fun (O)(D)

8:00pm – Reisterstown Sunday Night Step (C)(Step)

8:30pm – Over The Rainbow (O)(D)(Essex, 21221)

Alano Club AA Meetings – Multiple times/day: access meetings here: http://thealanoclub.org/

Laurel Recovery AA Meetings – Multiple times/day: access meetings here: https://laurelrecovery.org/zoom-meetings/

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