6:00am – Columbia Dawn Patrol (O)(D)

6:00am – Wake Up West (O)(D)

7:00am – Agape (D)

8:00am – Hopkins(O)(D)

8:30am – Do No Harm-Closed meeting for people in the helping fields

8:30am – Over The Rainbow (O)(D)(Essex, 21221)

9:00am – Agape (D)

9:00am – Ag Center (O)(D)

9:00am – Any Lengths

9:30am – Chance To Grow (O)(D)

10:00am – Sunday Morning Big Book (O)(D)(BB)

10:30am – In God’s Care (O)(D)(Step)

10:30am – Sunday Morning Agape (Glen Burnie) (O)(D)

11:00am – Wyman Park Group (O)(D)(Topic)(Remington, 21211)

11:00am – Evergreen (O)(D)(Spk)

11:30am – Sunday Breakfast at 857 Club (O)(D)(Canton/Highlandtown, 21224)

12:00pm – Agape/Main Room (O)(D)

12:00pm – Make Your Sobriety Sparkle (Women’s)

12:00pm – Phelps Luck (O)(D)

12:00pm – S.O.S. Liberty Road (Spk.)(D)

12:30pm – Over The Rainbow(O)(D)(Essex, 21221)

1:00pm – Brooklyn Sunday (O)(D)

3:00pm – Language Of The Heart (O)(D)

3:00pm – Spiritually Sober (O)(D)

3:00pm – Sunday Big Book

4:30pm – The Elevator is Broken, Use the Steps (O)(D)(Step)

5:00pm – Break The Chain (O)(Spk)(Step)

5:30pm – Agape Main Room (O)(D)

5:30pm – Agape

6:00pm – Meditation on the Hill (O)(D)(BB)

6:15pm – Positively Sober (O)(D)(LGBTQ)

6:30pm – Elkridge Sunday (O)(D)

6:30pm – Keep It Simple (O)(D)(11th Step)

6:30pm – Phelps Luck (O)(D)

 6:30pm – Putty Hill (O)(D)

7:00pm – ABC (O)(D)(Beg.)(Step)

7:00pm – Agape (Grapevine Meeting)

7:00pm – Cowenton (O)(Spk.)

7:00pm – Twenty Four Hours (O)(D)

8:00pm – Catonsville Courage To Change (O)(Spk)

8:00pm – Old Lutherville (O)(D)

8:00pm – Queer Ideas of Fun (O)(D)

8:30pm – Over The Rainbow (O)(D)(Essex, 21221)

Alano Club AA Meetings – Multiple times/day: access meetings here: http://thealanoclub.org/

Laurel Recovery AA Meetings – Multiple times/day: access meetings here: https://laurelrecovery.org/zoom-meetings/

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