6:00am – Columbia Dawn Patrol (O)(D)

6:00am – Wake Up West (O)(D)

6:30am – Day Starters (O)(D)(Cockeysville, 21030)

6:30am – Day Starters (O)(D)

6:45am – Early Bird (O)(D)

7:00am – Agape (O)(D)(Step)

7:00am – Daybreak (O)(D)

  • Phone: 410-995-7611.  Note: There is no meeting code needed.  Please mute your phone to limit feedback.

7:00am – Eastside Early Risers (O)(D)

  • Phone: 712-770-5505. For Password: Go to Meeting Access or call 410-663-1922. Note: Line opens at 6:50am.  Please mute your phone (*6).

8:30am – Over The Rainbow (O)(D)(Essex, 21221)

10:00am – Dial S for Sobriety (O)(D/Topic)

  • Phone: 978-990-5224. For access code: Go to Meeting Access or call 410-663-1922. Note: Please mute your phone (*6).

10:00am – Phelps Luck Women’s (C)(W)(D)

10:00am – Regester Avenue Tuesday Morning (O)(D)(Step)

10:00am – Tuesday Women’s (C)(W)(D)(Spk)(Lit)

12:00pm – Tuesday Big Book Study (O)(D)(Canton/Highlandtown, 21224)

12:00pm – Agape Main Room (O)(D)(Step)

12:00pm – Friends of the Mustard Seed (O)(Spk)

12:00pm – Listen Up Big Book (O)(D)(BB)

12:00pm – Pikesville Big Book Study (O)(BB)

12:00pm – Phelps Luck (O)(D)

12:00pm – The Lunch Bunch (O)(D)(Kingsville, 21087)

  • In-person, Indoors: Follow this link for the location. Note: Mask required; social distancing; maximum 50 people allowed in the facility; bring your own beverage – no food allowed.

12:00pm – The Lunch Bunch (O)(D)

12:15pm – Old Otterbein Group (O)(Lit)

12:15pm – Hopkins (O)(D)

12:30pm – Over The Rainbow  (O)(D)(Essex, 21221)

2:00pm – Fearless & Thorough (O)(D)

5:30pm – Agape Main Room Step (O)(D)

5:30pm – Agape Small Room/Young People’s (O)(D)

5:30pm – Captain’s Table (O)(D)

5:30pm – New Attitude (O)(D)(Grapevine)

6:00pm – The Firing Line (O)(BB)

6:30 pm – Dipsomaniacs (O)(D)(BB)(Step)(Canton/Highlandtown, 21224)

  • In-person, Indoors: Follow this link for the location. Note: 12 person max; social distancing; masks required; bring your own refreshments; may also be a hybrid meeting with Zoom occurring inside the meeting

6:30 – Dipsomaniacs (O)(D)(BB)(Step)

6:30pm – Genesis Women’s (O)(D)(W)

6:30pm – Phelps Luck (O)(D)(Step)

6:30pm – Sought Through (O)(11th Step)

6:45pm – O.D.A.T. Newcomers Meeting (O)(D)(Spk.)(Beg.)

7:00pm – Chapter 7 (O)(D)(Spk)(Canton/Highlandtown, 21224)

7:00pm – Agape (O)(D)(Step)

7:00pm – But For The Grace Of God (O)(D)(Spkr)

7:00pm – Cedarcroft Big Book Study (O)(D)(BB)(Lit)

7:00pm – Cowenton Women’s (O)(W)(Spkr)

7:00pm – Phoenix Discussion (O)(D)

7:00pm – Sawmill Creek Park (O)(D)(Glen Burnie, 21061)

7:00pm – Serenity Now Women’s (O)(D)(W)(BB)

7:00pm – Steps to Sobriety (O)(D)(Beg.)

7:00pm – Texas Big Book (O)(D)(Cockeysville, 21030)

  • In-Person, Outdoors: Follow this link for the location.  Note: Bring your own chair, beverages, etc.  Maintain social distancing, and follow all state & county regulations. In the event of inclement weather, the secretary may hold meetings indoors as follows – max occupancy 27; facemasks, floors marked for social distancing; contact tracing log.

7:00pm – Twenty Four Hours

7:15pm – Mustard Seed (O)(Spkr)

7:30pm – Our Common Welfare (D)

7:30pm – Fullerton/Perry Hall (O)(D)(Beg.)(Step)

7:30pm – FOB Online (Lit)

7:30pm – Glenelg Tuesday Night Step Group (O)(D)(Step)

8:00pm – Howard County Speakers (O)(Spk.)(Elkridge, 21075)

8:00pm – Empathy (O)(D)

8:00pm – Newcomers (O)(D)(Step)(LGBTQ)

8:00pm – Timonium (O)(D)

8:00pm – Catonsville Little Chairs (O)(D)

8:00pm – Out of the Woods (O)(D)

8:00pm – O.D.A.T. (O)(Spkr)

8:30pm – Pasadena (O)(D)(H)(Millersville, 21108)

8:30pm – As We Understood Him Men’s (C) (BB)

8:30pm – Over The Rainbow (O)(D)(Essex, 21221)

Alano Club AA Meetings – Multiple times/day

Laurel Recovery AA Meetings – Multiple times/day

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