The Baltimore Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. has more than 850 meetings each week in the Baltimore Metropolitan area, including:

  • Women’s meetings
  • Men’s meetings
  • LGBTQ meetings
  • Spanish-speaking meetings
  • Young People’s meetings
  • Handicapped Accessible meetings


If you are a counselor, please have your clients call our hotline. We’re happy to help them find a meeting in their area. If they request a “12-Step Call,” we’ll put them in touch with a recovering member of A.A. in their area who will act as an initial contact for them. Our 12th step volunteers serve to bridge the divide for newcomers by answering questions, meeting them at meetings, and sharing their experience, strength and hope in recovery from alcoholism.

Other Services and Resources

We have resources and committees to inform the professional community and the general public about Alcoholics Anonymous.


We have a fully stocked bookstore with books, pamphlets, directories and other items to help alcoholics get and stay sober. Our bookstore is located in our Intergroup Office or you can order materials online. If you need a purchase order number for your purchasing agent, please call us. We’re happy to help.


Pamphlet racks filled with Alcoholics Anonymous literature are available for placement in libraries, schools, medical offices, union halls, etc. We can also provide public service announcement spots for radio and television.


Our Speakers Committee, upon request, provides A.A. speakers to schools, colleges, service clubs, union meetings, senior citizen centers, driving schools, professional symposiums and other events where there is concern about alcohol abuse. If you’d like to schedule a speaker for your event, please give us notice at least two weeks in advance (preferably one month or more) so we have adequate time to schedule a speaker.


Our Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) Committee is available to distribute information and answer questions at health fairs, symposiums, conferences, street fairs, and expungement fairs. If you’d like A.A. to staff a table or booth at your event, please give us notice at least two weeks in advance (preferably one month or more) so we have adequate time to schedule a volunteers.


Our Institutions Committee carries A.A. meetings into jails, hospitals, in-patient rehabs, and other places where clients can’t get out to meetings. We currently carry meetings to nearly 40 commitments each week. If you’d like to us to bring an A.A. meeting to your institution, please contact us.


Here is a list of things that A.A. is not and does not do:

  • IS NOT a religious movement
  • IS NOT a temperance movement
  • IS NOT a social service organization (it has no paid social workers or professional field workers)
  • IS NOT an educational agency
  • IS NOT a cure or “cure-all”
  • IS NOT an employment agency
  • DOES NOT solicit or accept funds from outside sources; voluntary contributions from members and groups support A.A. services
  • DOES NOT run hospitals, rest homes, clubhouses, or any outside enterprises
  • DOES NOT prescribe treatment for alcoholics
  • DOES NOT pay for treatment of alcoholics

The sole purpose of A.A. is to help the alcoholic who wants to stop drinking and stay stopped.

For further information, please contact us or submit the form below.